RoBird®: The Most Effective Bird Control Solution

RoBird® (formerly Clear Flight Solutions) is the creator of the RoBird® bird drone, a remotely piloted robotic Peregrine Falcon. This drone is the most effective bird control solution in the world, because it does more than just scare birds. It is the only tool available that can also ‘lure’ birds away, and ‘herd’ flocks in any direction.

The RoBird® offers a reliable, manageable, safe, and humane way to help reduce bird populations across multiple industries. It proves to reduce large species and total bird strikes at airports when compared with historical data. Birds recognize this drone as a true predator. Over time with consistent operation, fewer birds return to the area of operations.

Our expert service is bolstered by thousands of hours of field experience and substantial training and education. RoBird® engineers and pilots extensively research and observe real birds to better understand them. With this knowledge, and more than 20 years of technological research, we provide the best product and service to clients.

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